Monday, September 19, 2011

CYBERHIVE 43: Technosexualities | More meditations on technology and human behavior...

Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2011 12:14:08 -0700
Subject: "Connected" trailer
From: Amelia Ortega

Hey Bill,

One of the reasons why I decided to take this course was because, for a while now, I have been interested in how technology is affecting our international community and human relationships.

Over the summer, I was devoting some of my time to the South Bay YMCA in Chula Vista. During one of my training courses, my instructor told us this story about how her niece was acting very bratty during a lunch date at the Olive Garden. On the ride home, her niece asked, "Tia, did you check your text messages?" and my instructor told her that she hadn't. So, her niece leaned over towards the front of the car to show her a text message she had just sent. Instead of apologizing to her aunt face to face, she felt more inclined to show her apology through a text message (even though her aunt was with her in person). This story sparked a conversation on how technology has been affecting our youth in this day and age. Children and teens are becoming so consumed with their cell-phones, video games, facebook profiles. It's interesting and a little scary to see how technology is affecting their view on the world and the way that they choose to socialize and engage with others.

I have also noticed how from time to time, when you go out to a restaurant these days, it's not uncommon to see a group of people sitting at the same table looking through their cell phones rather than having conversation and engaging with one another face to face. And on campus, it's typical for students to just stick their earplugs in and disconnect themselves from the outside world with their iPods. I remember watching the film "Wall-E" and observing how the human race had become so disconnected from one another in the film's version of the future. Each human individual was so absorbed with their portable TV's, advertising, and self-indulgence that they didn't even notice the other people around them. From what I can tell, in reality, it seems that humans are going down a very similar path.

It's also funny that after the huge black out we had recently, a news anchorman on NBC had commented on how families had sent in emails about how they were able to spend more quality time with one another because they weren't distracted by the technological devices that usually pull them apart- TV, internet, video games. Through that experience, a lot of families were able to acknowledge the significant effect that technology has made on family dynamics in this day and age.

With all of that said, I came across this movie trailer over the weekend. The film is called "Connected" and it's a documentary that explores the effects that technology has made on the human social sphere.

One more thing, here's a funny article I found on 12 ways that Women have replaced men with technology: 12 ways women have replaced men with technology

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