Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CYBERHIVE 29: Technosexualities | EVE, BARBIE, LINDSEY LOHAN.... a technosexual primer...

Subject: Life Size
From: Natalia Clingan
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2011 21:23:37 -0700
To: Bill Nericcio <memo@sdsu.edu>

Life Size is a movie released on TV by Disney (2000)--it features a doll named "Eve" that comes to life and shows the young girl (played by Lohan) how to be a woman. The beginning is eerie as Eve says her robotic catch phrases etc. And the doll-turned-relatively-human is Tyra Banks--a super model, which is destructive to a large percentage of women/girls with body image issues.  Even though it is meant to be family fun and humorous, Tyra Banks still is not fully humanized and rather robotic and too sweet, corny etc! It is more interesting how Disney chose to make a movie like this at all considering the overwhelming critiques they receive for the way they portray gender and the way they control the media. It also baffles me considering I used to love this film and it played a lot on the Disney Channel... :/

A random question: why do you think Disney avoided just making an animatronic Eve? Too soon? They certainly have the technological skill.

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