Sunday, April 17, 2011

Preparing for STO | aka Michael Buchmiller

Opposite, a cover in honor this week's "reading"--the CD boxed set by the Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra (aka, Michael Buchmiller and the Robot)...

It is a striking project--one part "text," one part album, and one part performance, as we will see Wednesday when the Robot and the Mad Professor invade our classroom.

How to prepare? Think of the boxed-set of CDs as you would any other music your ears consume--but then, think of the project as a kind of "statement," an intervention, an indictment: does it have a goal? a target?   Is it a weapon? More pop cultural detritus... or something more.

I look forward to our discussion tomorrow--in a way, it is the culminating apex of our bizarre, semester-long experiment.

For those of you 'confused' by Buchmiller's "art," think of him as a techno Edward Gorey, an aural/musical Tim Burton, a 21st Century Edgar Allan Poe, with a sense of humor....

One other analogue for Buchmiller's twisted psyche?  Jared Hess, of Napoleon Dynamite fame; click below for more....

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