Friday, March 04, 2011

Robotic, Erotic, Electric ARTkive Gallery Posting 43 | BANKSY

Good morning Professor Nericcio,

My name is Pamela Peredo. I am in your ENGL220 class, section "da ill-literate$" with Rebecca. I very much enjoy this class, and the culture and perspective you bring upon us.

Anyway, I was so glad you offered extra credit to the screening of Banksy's EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP because I have heard briefly of it, and really wanted to see it. Now having seen it, I am completely inspired- I wanted to make my own decal, then quickly remembered that graffiti was illegal- however, I will just readjust my plans to make it less crime worthy. I was researching Banksy a little and came across The Capturing Banksy Book Project. I couldn't help but notice that the dog in the picture kind of resembles your signature drawing/tag, which is pretty awesome. The Russian art group, Voina, mentioned is also pretty cool. I read that they do not accept any money or rewards because they want their art to be a gift to the world and not have a price on it.

Check it out

Have a good rest of the weekend,

Pam Peredo

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