Thursday, February 17, 2011

Robotic, Erotic, Electric: ARTkive Gallery 35: Alexa Meade | The Object is the Subject is the Canvas is the....

Another one of our gifted colleagues is in the house with a great posting:

From: Gabrielle Liljedahl liljedahl DOT gabrielle AT gmail DOT com
Subject: Amazing artist
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 16:01:15 -0800

I came across an article in a magazine about Alexa Meade who is a very unique artist. She paints people as if they are her canvas. She reminds me of the art and literature we're studying for the fact that she goes beyond the ordinary and really plays with the viewer's mind. If you browse through the pictures you'll even see some of her stepping into her own painting, making her artwork come alive (just like Vonnegut places himself in his novel). Really cool stuff I thought you and possibly the other students might enjoy looking through!


There's also a good article about her in Nylon magazine (p.107). I tried to scan it to my computer to send to you but my scanner is being difficult. She explains her art in this way: "One thing I'm exploring in my work is this tension between permanent and impermanent--the ephemeral. The painting only lasts for a couple hours, and the person goes on living." Hope you enjoy it!

Gabrielle Liljedahl

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