Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Gustavo Arellano and Ask a Mexican

Our cadre of graduate student correspondents never cease in their mission to scour the web for ethnic mannequin and obscene machine tidbits of note; here Julie Nares files a timely Reuters story:

From: Julie Nares
Subject: interesting article
Date: Tue, 1 May 2007 23:36:45 -0700

Hey Dr. Nericcio! I know it is too late for posting anything on the blogs or anything like that, but I thought you might find this article interesting. I know you have heard of the column "Ask A Mexican" but especially in light of today's discussion on laughter and the perpetuation of stereotypes, I thought Arellano had some interesting thoughts on the subject. He notes that his column constantly gets questions addressing Mexicans by derogatory, yet common slurs, such as "beaners" or "greasers." He deals with these obviously racist people with humor. It is almost as if he recognizes that within laughter lies the problem of perpetuating stereotypes but he also finds the solution to curtailing them. He also recognizes that most people get defensive and angry when they believe they are being made fun of and deals with that with humor too. All in all, I think this author and article is interesting enough to forward to you and to others (?). Hope you enjoy it!

Julie Nares

Here is the link:
PS - Note that the article was under the "Oddly Enough" headline of my Google homepage. I am not sure what to make of someone categorizing this article and man as "odd" because what he is attempting to do seems anything but odd to me.

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  1. Anonymous3:11 PM

    The ethnic mannequin is full of many stereotypes. For instance each race as stereotypes that they live with. In this world many people find differences between races to be something that they are not used to and at times do not know how to cope and understand that we are all different people. These differences allows each person to be part of a special group of people and just because they have a different way of living does not mean its wrong, its just different. This world would be a lot better place if people just understand that not everyone thinks the same, dresses the same, and acts the same. The good thing about the ethnic mannequin is the fact that anyone can dress it up any way they want.

    Eric Cordero
    Eng 493