Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Real Dolls

Comparative Literature maven and surf diva Keri Endich joins us for a meditation on ersatz love companions!

From: Keri Endich"
To: "Bill Nericcio
Subject: RE: ENGL493-01-Spring2007: Key Counsel | e493
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2007 15:30:57 -0700

If lust is in your way of having a "real" relationship check this site out! This website is filled with over the top obscene machines. Virtually these "dolls" are made, sold, and bought to fulfill everyone's sexual fantasies. You can successfully order and customize your doll straight from your home by accessing this website and following some simple steps. The features your doll can have are limitless! You can pick anything from the nail color of your "doll" to the exact skin tone of your liking. The list goes on... do you have a sexual preference of what your "dolls" pubic hair is colored?- Well if you do- then the "realdoll" is right for you.

Go ahead- play around on the site with a virtual tour of what you would want your doll to look like. This enables the customer to be guaranteed that what they are getting is their choice. Did I mention that this web site also offers "shemales" as one of their "doll" features? Regardless of your sexual fantasies the real doll website will help create what is best for you!

Ok- lets get serious here... I am not making this up... and I am not trying to promote a new product line to the sexually frustrated. I just think that it would be nice for everyone to start accepting the fact that people are sex obsessed and there are places on the web that cater to those needs. When I stumbled- ok I fell rather hardly upon this site, I could not stop looking at it. I viewed the different photos of "dolls" and felt as if I were looking at porn.

The "dolls" seemed so lifelike that I wondered if any marriages were broken up because a wife or husband walked in on their spouse with one of these machines. This creation takes machines to a different level than I would have thought fathomable for people. I think overall it is sending the wrong message to people. Letters and e-mails were posted for reccomendations on certain dolls and what they could do for you. People were said to have like the dolls more than their "wives" and that being with a realdoll was stress free. I suppose that the only thing these dolls are really lacking is the ability to communicate- but hey what do we need that for anyway? There is also a video of an artist that features a realdoll in his video. She falls off a balcony and seems to be ok afterwards!

These creepy machines are being created without most people knowing about them. I can see the dangers that these dolls could have among all of our psyches. There are strong emotional attachments with children and their dolls, could this not be the same for adults? Although the dolls seem to be full of life physically there are emotonal needs that people have which are not being met. Whether inlove or obsessed with your doll, you cannot take him/her home to mom and dad. I think this sexual fantasy is teetering on the edge of creating some fucked up relationships with that of reality. These dolls are "real" but I think all of the reality has escaped their users.



  1. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Wow, I am truly shocked and amazed on how new obscene machinery can take over our way of living. These “expensive silicone rubber” figures are accustomed to fit your desires. Imagine how your wife would feel if you used a doll for pleasure rather than her. Can these dolls really replace sexual pleasure for one another?
    After looking at the website, I could not believe the intense detail and various characteristics each doll could have. Men’s wildest fantasy could finally come true. Such as, the fantasy of the “Mandingos”. If men truly desired African American women, then why not, white men could easily order one and explore the pleasures of something different. The doll’s features are so closely related to human characteristics.
    However, I couldn’t imagine not having any connection and communication with my partner. Eventually, the obscene machine will take over and these dolls will not only have the desired characteristics, but actions and same thoughts of pleasing your partner. Creepy!

  2. Personally, I think the concept of RealDolls and other high-end artificial companions is a brilliant one, as at its root, it can make lonely souls less lonely. You can argue that a Doll isn't the same as a 'real' person, but there are many people out there that are just incredibly shy, or don't relish the possibility of being rejected or betrayed.

    I'd have to say that Doll owners ultimately just seek an alternative and harmless form of happiness, and there's hardly anything wrong with that.

  3. cecilia p.11:59 PM

    I am unsure what my feelings are towards this new form of obscene machinery. On the one hand, I feel as though the inventors of these dolls are mocking porn and sex addicts in some way, perhaps cruelly tantalizing their fantasies even more so. But as I let the idea permeate into my brain, I am discovering how adamently horrified I feel about these dolls.

    To be honest, I have never pulled the feminist card in my life until now. I take some offense to knowing that there are now "life-like" dolls out there whose entire description of being is entirely up to the men who purchase them. I suppose there is some twisted logic that can prove there are some pros to the making of these things, but my focus on that is clouded by the mess that is this idea of truly fake women.

    I believe we've reached the end of the spectrum when it comes to artificial beauty.

  4. Anonymous1:06 PM

    I honestly think that the whole thing is crap. I can't stand the fact that our culture is so obsessed with pleasuring ourselves and fulfilling our sexual desires. I think the idea of a doll to replace a person is just wrong, but to each is own I guess. I also think that sex in general without a connection based and founded in love is wrong, but that's just me. I guess women aren't just another notch in my belt...

  5. Anonymous1:10 PM

    I know stuff like this happens all the time and people are way to obsessed with fulfilling their fantasies, but this whole idea just seems wrong to me. I just don't get how you can have sex with a doll and have no intimate connection at all. Then again people have sex with real people and have no connection anyways...well too many people anyway. I guess I just think sex is something special, but to each his own.

  6. Anonymous4:48 PM

    I was extremely shocked when I saw this blog. To me, the "Real Dolls" although they look real, are not because they are only fulfilling the sexual fantasies of men and satisfying them relationship wise. The doll can show no emotion, no sign of getting pleasure because it cannot, because that's what it is an "it". I frankly think it's pathetic for people to actually want these dolls and it makes me think about what this world is coming to when we have these artificial mannequins fulfilling our sexual needs. Some of the dolls have even started to replace wives in the bedroom! I think these dolls are just emotionless toys that can bring more emtional damage in a relationship and trauma for the human psyche.

    -Belen Chacon

  7. Anonymous10:08 PM

    O.k., I see that most of the comments posted on this subject have been mostly from a female point of view.
    And there lies the problem; women see sex as a more profound and emotional experience (don´t get me wrong, when it´s with the right girl, we guys think the same way).
    These dolls come in response to the many fears surrounding the sexual act in modern times (diseases, pregnancy, abortion, etc). You may say this is an alternative response to masturbation.
    Could it also be an alternative to cheating?? Maybe people look for these dolls because they can´t find a sexual conection with their partner.
    If you look at it really close, this is no different than a vibrator (which women use to pleasure themselves).

  8. Anonymous1:30 AM

    In response to "If you look at it really close, this is no different than a vibrator" I have to disagree.

    This is mimicking a full-sized, real life person, wherein nothing is left to the imagination. She has ears and eyes and hands... defining characteristics. In the case of these dolls, I wouldn't be surprised if a real "relationship" of sorts was being formed.

    I apologize in advance if this comes off as graphic, but to give you an idea, a vibrator just goes between your legs and half the time you don't even look at it. It is a means to an end (these things are a little more tricky for us ladies than you gentlemen) =P but in no way is a vibrator a sexual partner.

    I have mixed feelings about these dolls. On one hand, the woman in me feels degraded to be replaced by a cold, heartless shell designed for the soul purpose of existing... not contributing. However, on the other hand, I can sympathize with those fed up with the give and take of relationships... and maybe if you see a mannequin as a feasible substitution, who am I to judge your reality? - Jennifer Stopper

  9. Anonymous3:41 PM

    My first impression of these so called “Real Dolls” was simply…WOW! I had absolutely no idea that such a disturbing thing even existed! Talk about a freaky, life-sized, disquieting parody of Barbie! What’s next; a full-scale, gigantic cock-doll Ken? Women everywhere can only hope. But seriously, what is the world coming to when real sex isn’t enough? I thought porn and (relatively reasonable sized) sex toys were enough, but apparently men want as close to the real thing as possible without having to deal with the wanting to cuddle afterwards-- to have all they could want out of a woman without the emotional strings attached. Which led me to thinking…if that’s all guys want, than why bother with the real thing and the stress and aggravation of relationships? If these sexual mannequins can satisfy a man without the man having to worry about calling her the next day, then why are we women still spending hours trying to look desirable for those men? On that note, why do we even need relationships at all if we can just head down to the store (or through www.realdoll.com) and buy all the sexual fantasies we could ever want? Why even get emotions involved? It seems like a sort of silicone based prostitution to me! If these sort of build-your-own, full-scale sex toys continue to be produced, I’m afraid that men everywhere will give up on relationships, and give into sex without commitment, complaining, or heartache. I mean, I always knew that men loved the silicone, but honestly, these sexual obscene machines are a little out of control in my opinion.

    ~Tanya Von Essen (Eng 493)

  10. Michael Foote3:37 PM

    My initial reaction to this blog was one of disgust, but as I thought about it a little more I realized there is a huge difference between someone who is trying to fulfill a sexual need and someone who is seeking a compassionate relationship. I don’t believe a doll could ever replace this desire for people to love each other, so in that respect I find these dolls harmless. On the other hand I believe these dolls are detrimental in that women might feel they need to look as perfect as these dolls because that is what men find "beautiful" or "attractive". I just hope that men and women can realize that there is more to life than fulfilling ones sexual desires, especially fulfilling these futile needs with a doll. It seems to me people already have a hard enough time having civilized discourse with one another, do we really need the one thing that drives people to speak to each other (sexual desire) taken away?

  11. This is one of those situations where I wish I would have thought of it first. These machines make blow up dolls look like child's play. At the beginning of the semester my understanding of the obscene machine consisted of mannequin's and man made fantasies, but this new perspective opened my eyes to an even crazier machine. I suppose these REAL DOLLS are supposed to work for males the way vibrators do for females, only the doll cost 1,500 bucks and has a face. What's so creepy about these dolls is how life like they are, and I can only imagine that some lonely guy is out there finding happiness in this re-creation of a females body. I find it hilarious that someone would rather spend 1,500 dollars on a doll rather then going to the local bar, spending 20 bucks, and getting the real thing. As REAL as these dolls look, they are just as creepy, and just as genius. Mixing a life size Barbie and sex is marketing gold.

  12. Jesus Dominguez-Ortiz5:38 PM

    Masturbation is still a topic that is never fully addressed even though "everybody does it". Not speaking from experience of course, but masturbation can be a fun, relaxing and safe way to enjoy sexual release. Much like sex with the same partner, traditional masturbation after time, can become monotonous and boring,and then creativity can take over. I wont get too much into the different, creative ways to masturbate, as Im sure everyone in due time can/will find these techniques out on their own, but if we can, for a moment, just look at the positive benefits of masturbation and the enjoyment of the introduction of new techniques/practices, we can see how "the real doll" can help many men/women. If we begin to take "The Real Doll" as a new/different form of masturbation (it being masturbation because there is no actual genuine penis/vaginal contact) then we can eliminate the preconceived notion that whoever uses these dolls is some freak form of sexual deviant. "The Real Doll" in my opinion is a helpful tool that can be used as a helpful/creative way of masturbating. Dominguez-Ortiz, Jesus.

  13. Anonymous7:13 PM

    I don’t know about the “realdolls”. Dolls that are capable of lust with humans, seem a bit odd. Wow, it sounds like the obscene machine, takes one from the ladies (if you know what I mean) laugh out aloud. Yes it can be seen as another form of masturbation. And yeah, it can help the lonely souls that are out there but in reality where does it leave them? All I know for sure that “realdoll”/obscene machine, brings a whole new meaning when saying "I am just “playing” with my doll."

  14. In society today we are all familiar with sexual props from places like sex stores and the Internet, however we have to ask when do things like the RealDolls cross the line? I would of course concur with everyone that these sex dolls are certainly creepy, but if the people in our society who want to go and purchase these dolls will purchase the doll instead of raping or sexually abusing a human being, then I say go buy the doll! I know that this sounds a little weird, and the implications of such sex dolls in place of intimate sexual connection is certainly something that the person should think about, we must keep in mind prostitution and the sex worker industry itself is still alive and well. Therefore the transient nature of childhood play doll to sex toy for personal pleasure does of course have its negatives, but if the use of the doll is in place of endangering and/or manipulating a human being, then the doll does have some positives in the bigger picture.

  15. Anonymous10:01 PM

    To be honest, while I find the idea of these dolls extremely creepy, I don't really see a whole lot of a difference between these silicone figures and some of the women walking the streets in expensive areas of town. There is very little if any outward difference between these and the perfectly make-uped, personally trained, trophy wives who troll for lawyers and doctors on a daily basis. If anything, I think these dolls could potentially be a good step for society. Previously unattainable women are now forced to contain a little more substance. If a man (or woman) can simply go out and by a physically attractive doll, then what more are these women going to have to offer. They'll have to be able to hold up their end of an intellectual conversation, or have some level of skills. It will bring them down to a level of life with the rest of the "average" population and hopefully it would cause the world to contain a little more substance. Pretty things are fun to look at, but in the end if something just as pretty can be attained at less of an effort level, then why bother with the other?

  16. Angela S11:01 PM

    These themes of sexual and erotic fantasies dominate our society these days. Long gone are the days when sex was a secret and private act behind closed doors, now sex sells. The media is largely responsible for its advertisement and can sell these products easily through commercials, magazines, and even the internet. The Real Doll is just another product of our sex obsessed culture, now you can seek and receive your sexual fulfillment through engaging in passionless sex with an intimate objects. Blow Up Betty sure got a make over, these dolls are customized to fit the specific preferences of their “partners” if we can even call them that. The Real Doll provides the ultimate sexual fantasy and the “ideal woman” commitment free, plus she’s available whenever you are. Sex has a huge impact on most aspects of our society, I am actually impressed that someone could create such a lifeless yet realistic sex slave.

  17. I don’t know about the “realdolls”. Dolls that are capable of lust with humans seem a bit odd. Um, it sounds like the obscene machine, takes one from the ladies (if you know what I mean) laugh out aloud. Yes it can be seen as another form of masturbation. And yeah, it can help the lonely souls that are out there but in reality where does it leave them? All I know for sure that “realdoll”/obscene machine, brings a whole new meaning when saying “I am just “playing” with my doll.”

    elizabeth o. romero

  18. Anonymous1:09 PM

    I was intrigued and immediately disgusted when I saw this post. The more I think about it, the more disgusted I am by it. I understand that sexual pleasure is natural. True, these dolls will provide some pleasure to extremely lonely men. However, in a patriarchal society, do we really need purely sexual robot women? The fact that these dolls obviously have no emotions is what is truly disgusting.

    I find the concept of these robot sex slaves replacing actual women horrifying. It is even more horrifying that there would be a manufacturer and a customer for something this sexist and offensive. It is especially sexist since it reinforces, and perpetuates, the concept of women being only good for sexual pleasure and the property of men.

    -Luis Silva

  19. Anonymous1:10 PM

    I'm glad that Keri was able to share her findings with us about these "Real Dolls" as it fits in perfectly with the "obscene machine" theme of this semester's English 493 class. Personally, I find the dolls to be extremely creepy and a pathetic replacement for real human contact. For a couple thousand dollars, someone could just as easily take a REAL person out on a date, even a vacation for that matter. I understand that some people may be shy and awkward, and maybe dating isn't easy for them, but spending your time holed up in a bedroom and having sex with a fake person can't be healthy. The lifelike quality of these dolls goes far beyond that of traditional sex toys and brings a whole new disturbing level to the limits people will go to fulfill some kind of perverse fantasy. The fact that people are actually buying these dolls makes an interesting statement about how sex-crazed society has become. I mean, think about it, what else can really top this??

    -Brittany Hook

  20. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Good grief. After reading this, my reaction had nothing to do with whether or not the dolls would be giving lonely men a good time or relationship strains placed on couples because a doll is interfering with their sex life. I was genuinely more frightened at the fact that our society is becoming more and more dependant on technology as a substitution for human interaction.

    Being a former video game junkie, I would put this under the same category as the next step of the gamer's "planned paradise" as I like to call it. In a world where most everything has become virtual, we too are forgetting (or ignoring) the physical interactions that make humans human. You could say that "sex dolls have nothing to do with video games and the virtual world," but I beg to differ.

    Video games have become far too real for our own good. Upon creating a new identity we then believe that we should (or can) manipulate every aspect of our lives. And human interaction - being full of rejection, hardships and sorrows - is therefore unnecessary. I've met people who take video gaming far too seriously for their own good, but it seems to be fast spreading. They've cried due to online rejection or the loss of status/rank in the virtual world. They marry, have online girl/boyfriends, exact revenge and they become the people they never could be in our physical reality, all behind the "skin" of a 3D rendition of themselves.

    "Planned Paradise" is then the stemming from that virtual world to fulfill the physical needs that cannot be done online. To have the creations that we can manipulate and fine tune to our liking, to never bring about the social injustices that people normally deal with. After reading this article, I believe that the next step is now in full bloom. I saw this doll as the prototype for the coming of a new age of social un/interaction. And frankly, its horrifying.


  21. may s.6:38 PM

    May said...
    I am extremely shock to know that it is out in the open rather than shield behind black windows. Men will be extremely happy but I find it absurd for the women. Women already feel depressed towards their husbands behavior on sex and relationship.This doll will only raise the bar on social issues and may drive women off the wall to finding the perfect look. The media was bad enough but this doll will change the meaning of perfection and the ways children or adults view playing with dolls.

  22. Anonymous6:46 PM

    The idea of having a life size doll to create the perfect fantasy changes the whole meaning of playing with dolls for children and adults.This would bring burden on relationships as if the media wasn't bad when it comes to finding the perfect body. I can't imagine challenging a doll to persuade my man on who will get the job done. -mayra

  23. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Unfortunately, I am not amazing or surprised by this “invention.” Regardless of how sick we think other people’s fantasies are, it doesn’t prevent them from having those fantasies. Reality is that people need to indulge fantasies and some are just lonely/shy, so I would be much more comfortable knowing that these people go home to cuddle up with a “Real Doll” than go to the bar, swallow some liquid courage and find a drunk girl to take home and possibly rape. Perhaps these kinds of inventions can provide an outlet and keep their fantasies away from the public.

  24. Euferose Correa Eng493 Wed@16005:40 PM

    When we meet our significant other it's natural that not everything that person has to offer is something we really appreciate about them. For example, you are generally attracted to blondes, yet you find yourself dating a brunette. I know that's a very pedestrian example, but this just illustrates the power in the hands of the people who buy in to this type of product. The realdoll is the realization of the customer's desires, and the fact that this company can produce someone's wants to the T is really fascinating. They give the consumer what he/she wants in a mate. Actually, I think "mate" is the wrong term to represent the product...I think it's more a pleasure vehicle (no pun intended) more than anything. The realdoll's only function is to physically be the thing that gets someone off, but it doesn't have any other purpose. A lot of people have been criticizing the realdoll by way of blog response and as much as I felt really uncomfortable looking through the pictures on the post, I have to disagree with their disdain for the product. Sure it's extremely weird and appeals to a special kind of consumer but really, it's sure has hell better than someone seeking sexual gratification with another non-consenting party. That's not to say that the people purchasing such toys are all rapists trying to inhibit their sexual desires by using these dolls instead of another human being. I just feel that if there is a market for such things, then...live and let live.

  25. Jenn Cunningham (e493)8:06 PM

    Absolutely "Obscene." Yet, somehow I am not entirely shocked. After meeting certain people, watching films/tv shows, and viewing other forms of media I have sadly become jaded by such dolls.
    I am actually surprised that these are not sold in your local adult toy store. Although, I suppose your local adult store goer is not ready to drop $1,500 and upwards for "Durable - long life silicone rubber."
    I can see how RealDolls are the ideal mannequin for some people. 1) They are fake 2) You can custom order them (all the way down to their feet) 3) They reflect a person's image and stereotype of what a woman/man/partner should be and 4) They are unable to speak (gives you some psychological insight into their customers) 5) You can pose them for your every satisfying need! (yikes).
    This also made me think of our lecture on prosthetics and how RealDoll is a proxy. It could be a medium that helps relate to others, but is it helping or hindering? How does pleasuring yourself with a fantasy ("real" or not real) ready you for true human contact?
    I shared this website with my younger brother (19) while video chatting with him, and we explored the website together, passing back and forth links to the obscene photos, mannequin poses, and feature that you can custom order. It was funny until I realized what I had just exposed my brother to, and then had to explain why I was looking at the website.
    Did anyone else catch the disclaimer how the dolls are unable to stand up without assistance? They are are not made to stand. It is odd how "real" they make them, yet exclude the one feature which we as humans take so much pride in (baby's first step, etc.).

  26. Anonymous11:00 PM

    I can honestly say i am completely shocked at the concept of owning such realistic dolls. After reading about them i immediately went to the Real Dolls website to get more information and i could not believe some of the stuff i saw. I think having the option of deciding its pubic hair is not only disgusting but really weird. I think it is kind of creepy to think that there are people out there creating such realistic dolls for pleasure and it makes me worried about the future. This concept portrays relationships as a physical act and nothing more, and that is upsetting. Relationships should be about communication and actually liking a person, not about physical aspects alone. I think this is rediculous and not a good idea.

  27. While late in my commentary, I need to point out a fact. So far, I've read that these dolls are fulfilling fantasies for that lonely guy out there that can't get a girl. This doll can replace that. But, tell me the difference between this doll and pornography. no emotion. Positioned to do EVERYTHING! made to look exactly the way you like. But, here are the other positives for the fool and his soon parted money. She won't complain. You cannot feel inadequate. If you do, you can take it out on her. No bruising, no signs of violence, no respect for her and no boundaries. Porn is exactly the same way. the woman acts like she enjoys being treated like she's no more than a doll to screw. Sounds to me like it's just furthering the attitude that women are no more than something to have sex with. Don't get me wrong, I get annoyed by nagging too, but this just seems like an outlet that actually feeds the addiction our society is so eager to accept. We're scary, twisted people.

    William Pellegrini

  28. Anonymous1:00 AM

    I was actually quite surprised when I ran across this blog. A couple of years ago, I saw an entire HBO late night special on these dolls. What seemed to hit me the hardest as I viewed this show which depicted these dolls nonchalantly, was how dehumanized our society has become. These dolls represent a problem within society on a broader level. People are consumed with appearance and this often times overrides a persons' ability to find companionship. I remember on of the men on the show, was saying the doll was the perfect solution to his unsolvable problem. He could not have a relationship with a woman because he always found an imperfection with her physically. What bothers me the most about this concept of creating the perfect sex doll is what message does this send to women? While the actual construction of the doll is genius, the inventor and company should look at the message they are sending. In essence they are creating a perfected plastic hooker.

    -Carrie Stern

  29. Brian Moczygemba3:25 PM

    Recently I was listening to the Howard Stern show. Throughout the show numerous guests came in and gave interviews, but one of the most startling and also relevant to this class was an interview between Howard Stern and Bam Margera (one of the guys from the "Jackass" movies). Bam began to discuss a new sex toy that he received from his fiancé. It is called a “Real Doll.” A “Real Doll” is a life like doll designed for sexual release. “
    Since 1996, we have been using Hollywood special effects technology to produce the most realistic love doll in the world. Our dolls feature completely articulated skeletons which allow for anatomically correct positioning, an exclusive blend of the most expensive silicone rubbers for an ultra-flesh like feel, and are each custom made to order, to our customer's specifications. We offer an extensive list of options, from body type and Face type all the way down to fingernail color. If you've ever dreamed of creating your ideal woman, then you have come to the right place.” (www.realdoll.com)
    The company allows one to customize a life like mannequin of whomever they desire. One can choose face type, body type, hair color, eye color, build, breast size, and many others. And, both male and female mannequins are offered to help fulfill the needs of everyone.
    I could just see the connection to the class that here we have a life like mannequin that can be created in anyone’s image, and it is replacing the true human connection of love and intimacy. We now have a doll that can provide us with a sexual release, which removes the entire human connection. It is slightly disturbing for me to think that we are resorting to dolls instead of true human contact and intimacy. This is a very sexual topic, but I could not help but realize how it could pertain to this class. It is a great example of how we create mannequins to fulfill our needs, however creepy it may be.

  30. Kevin W7:29 PM

    I found this to be very interesting. Looking into this blog and the idea from class about the human mannequin it is interesting to see that so called 'real dolls' are out there. The again, what is defined as a human mannequin after all? Are the stereotypes of various human beings the model for human mannequins? Or are the 'perfect' mannequins seen in retail store a more realistic approach? I mean, looking at how fake the idea is in the first place it would not surprise me that the mannequins found in retail windows have a closer relation than do humans themselves. The mannequins are shown having the most ideal height, body shape, and with no head above it have perfectly sized neck. The 'perfect' mannequins are draped with clothing that is set to societal standards and are even pinned in the back hidden from eye sight to show the allusion of the clothes fitting the mannequins perfect bodies perfectly. So the question then again is who is modeled after whom? Or is society after the concept or the concept forming society?

  31. Kevin w10:26 PM

    Just was surfing the Net and came across this page, thought it was a good read and interesting

  32. Kevin w10:27 PM

    this is the link. Sorry, I sent my other one without pasting it.


  33. Megan Tancredi11:20 PM

    To be honest, the idea of “Real Dolls” completely disgusts me. I was hesitant to even look at the website because I did not want to be exposed to this sort of exploitation of obscene machinery. When I was brave enough to enter the site, I was shocked to see that male dolls are made as well. The dolls are just reiterating the stereotype of the “ideal” woman or man in society. Average people, especially women, already go to great lengths to look like celebrities because of the pressure to be perfect. Now, there are actual dolls to make up for the fact that women are not perfect the way they are. The idea that men and women actually buy these dolls in lieu of a real human body and brain disgusts me, and reminds me of the artificial world we live in.

    I feel sorry for the people who feel the need to buy these dolls to satisfy their sexual needs. Even though the idea repulses me, I am not at all shocked because the idea of artificial beauty (plastic surgery) is so prevalent in our society, and it was only time before realistic dolls would be manufactured.

  34. In todays world it is impossible to escape the subject of sex. It is no longer something we avoid discussing, a personal matter that simply takes place in the privacy of ones bedroom. Sex is everywhere. Sexual innuendo has pervaded our music, fashion, television, and even advertising (you can apparently get laid just by merely wearing Axe). The booming sex industry is no surprise. The concept of the blow up doll is nothing new and its recent improvements can only be expected. But how beneficial is our cultures newfound sexual freedom? Are we creating a more open-minded accepting society, or are we simply creating more perverts and sexual deviants? Whatever the answer may be, sex sells and will continue to do so until we discover something more exciting. But until then, our new and improved Blow Up Betty will have to suffice.

  35. I actually saw a documentary on this exact item. I can't remember which channel, but they even showed how the dolls were being used for the pleasure of the man and woman (whether it be spouse/gf). Perhaps it is a fetish? Maybe the justification of it is that there are no means of emotional attachment that can be exchanged, thus making it ok for your significant other to have "intercourse" with another "woman". The idea is rather strange, and nothing I would consider admirable, but everyone needs their means of outlet, right?

  36. Anonymous11:20 PM

    I think I either accidently posted this as a response to the wrong post or I'm just repeating myself, but anyway... I have actually kept up with this story for a while. These dolls were featured on the HBO series 'Real Sex' a few years ago... yes, I AM an avid watcher of the show! If you've never seen/heard of the program, it is a documentary style show that usually contains 3-4 stories featuring all kinds deliciously taboo sex acts, objects, toys and all kinds of other naughty goodies! However, I find it kind of ironic that the show would be titled 'Real Sex,' seeing as how sex with dolls and other erotic toys is not exactly what I would call 'Real Sex.' Anyway, after the episode that the dolls were featured in aired, the doll creators were suddenly swarmed with e-mails, faxes, phone-calls, etc. from women, asking if there was a male version of the doll; if there was, how do they get one? If there wasn’t, when will a prototype released? One year after the female sex dolls were featured on the show, the creators invited the ‘Real Sex’ crew back to their workshop to show them the very first prototype of the male doll. The male sex doll features a type of ball-and-socket joint at the crotch; this is here to swap out penises and scrotums of various sizes, shapes, and stages of arousal as well. There has been some talk as to whether or not a type of pump should be added below, in order to simulate ejaculation. A doll ejaculating?!?!?!?! Now THAT is something I’d like to see!

    -Jen Pollins

  37. to continue from Jen's comment I too am an avid fan of "Real Sex" and I think they said that there actually were male models available with pumps for ejaculation ( or maybe it was another crazy show)... Anyhow, after reading through this long list of comments I find that I really have no problem with these dolls ( except the fact that the one in the picture has a scrunchie on her wrist...real women don't wear scrunchies!). I think that a lot of people are demonizing the people who use these dolls. I truly believe that people have different fetishes and there is really nothing wrong with that. As long as these people are not spending 24 hours a day with the dolls it is nothing but a sexual outlet... and who is to judge what is "acceptable sexual behaviors"? And in response to an earlier comment about the relationship of the dolls with a vibrator...who says that these people are not using their imaginations while using the dolls. I think that overall it is unfair to judge the sexual behaviors of others as long as the behaviors are not causing harm. And I also believe that these dolls are no more harmful than any other sexual fetish. As long as a person does not become obsessed, either with the dolls or a foot fetish for that matter, this is just another healthy and completely subjective sexual experience.

  38. When I saw this posting about the real doll, the first thing I did was grab my boyfriend and design one. No joke, I used to do the same thing on the Barbie website when I was a little girl. Back then I loved being able to design my own friend all the way down to her eye color. While this was not quite the same, my boyfriend and I still had a big laugh while trying to decide on pubic hair color.
    After the completion of our doll (a blond, blue eyed, bronze eye-shadowed, pink lipped, tan-line free beauty) and a view of the price tag we realized that our fun and games was someone else’s reality. Can I call it a reality? My opinion of this doll has absolutely nothing to do with the exploitation of women or the joys of masturbation. Rather, I am beginning to see the futures of our society.
    Soon there will be no need or human contact at all. Okay, okay, so that may be a little extreme. Really though, we are already limiting children from playing team sports or keeping score in fear that someone will lose and get their feelings hurt. Real doll is the answer to relationship angst. If we eliminate the human aspect of a relationship, you can get much of the pleasure and none of the pain.

  39. I first heard about the Real Doll one morning in middle school. My mom was listening to Howard Stern as she drove me to school, and the Real Doll became the topic of conversation on the radio show. At this time, having been conditioned by years of blow-up doll jokes courtesy of "Married With Children," I didn't think much of the social implications of the Real Doll, but rather thought of it as a big expensive Barbie; an inconsequential toy for bored and lonely people.

    Today as I browsed the Real Doll website, I was surprised at how sensitive the creators are to the variety of desirable characteristics one would want in a lover. Not only do they offer every breast size imaginable for the female dolls, but the male dolls also come with a custom penis that can range from "XXL" to "flaccid" (which may seem useless to some, but is apparently desirable for others). Most intriguing was the Real Shemale who comes complete with both custom breasts and a custom penis! A fully clothed Shemale could be easily mistaken for a female Real Doll. What accommodation!

    In closing, I would like to admit that I am not deeply moved one way or the other in terms of the ethics of the people behind the Real Dolls. I believe that they way in which one masturbates is entirely no one else’s business. I was impressed with the assortment of silicone beauties, and even more impressed with the way in which the creators of Real Doll seem to have nearly all the bases covered. The Real Doll line exhibits the company's belief in the subjectivity of beauty (to an extent, although I noticed no obese or deformed Real Dolls), and in this way the concept is refreshing.

  40. Anonymous1:48 PM

    I am honestly not surprised that they have come up with a doll that is so life like that you wouldn’t be able to tell if it was real or not in the dark. Our culture today is so obsessed with sex and doing things that help gratify ourselves, why not invent a doll that will be the perfect companion? It is pretty much a fantasy for many people. You have a companion that can listen without interrupting, who you can act out all of your fantasies with that one would be afraid to try with real people, and so much more. This item is a god sent to people who have no social skills what-so-ever. But, on the other hand, this item is not a gift to these people, but a set back in disguise. If shy people decide to buy this doll instead of putting themselves out there in the dating world, then people can seriously start to lose their social skills. Why go out and try to meet a real girl who could possible turn you down, when you have a doll back home that will never say no. I can see how this could appeal to many people, but to me I think it is rather funny. I would make fun of any friend that owned one of these. A blow up doll is funny, but spending hundreds of dollars for a pretend companion, well that’s just sad.

  41. Anonymous3:06 PM

    "do you have a sexual preference of what your "dolls" pubic hair is colored?- Well if you do- then the "realdoll" is right for you."

    I find this utterly ridiculous. I wonder if the seller tried one of these dolls out... I mean, from my point of view, it's too easy and too many options...pubic hair color?! Something else comes to mind here-- wouldn't that take out the fun in finding out whether the carpet matches the drapes?! haha...sorry, I had to. But seriously, I guess if you have the need to feel controlling, go ahead and get one of those... Personally, the closer dolls get to real, the scarier they are.

    -Crystal Martin

  42. Anonymous7:45 AM

    This reminds me of a twilight zone episode, the guy fell in love with a robot designed to keep people company who were stranded alone on a planet.

    Some people are pretty lonely and others just have poor social skills, who are we to deny any source of companionship to them.