Friday, March 30, 2007

Sacher Von Robot

No dispatch today. Just a link to an amazing blog filled with golden and silver age sci-fi covers--imagine a walk through the cold war era collective unconscious of America, filled with lust for progress, a fetish for technology, and a fear and loathing of annihilation (hence, a desire for it) and you get the idea.

Sacher Von Robot?

I don't want to be too ironic, so for those for whom the title of today's entry is a bit obscure, go here.


A curious site which spelunks a related vein. The link previous is a translation of the original.

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  1. Chris Calix4:18 PM

    A film everyone should see on par with this topic is Fritz Lang;s masterpiece "Metropolis." It was way ahead of its time (and possibly ahead of our's) and depicts a world in which people are divided in to two groups, the "thinkers" and the "workers." In this film there is an android created to resemble the female protagonist, Maria. This android causes the workers to riot and rebel, causing destruction to their city. The film boast and interesting analysis of the effects the power that ultimatley has over society as well as the mob-mentality prevalent in said society. The films also has a somewhat Marxist perspective in terms of the workers. It is a great film and served as the artistic inspiration for films like "Blade Runner," "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow," and even Madonna's "Express Yourself" video.