Thursday, March 01, 2007

Courtney Yip Checks in With a Question for the Class...

From: Courtney Yip
To: bill nericcio
Subject: for the blog!

Hey Bill! Being a film major, you may understand why I immediately thought of a movie after talking about the use of shit in Eco's wonderful book. Babel is another flick that would be great to talk about in our class (especially since it directly involves the tijuana/san diego illegal immigrant stereotypes, along with many more). There is a scene that Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett share after she has been shot by one of the two young Moroccan children (a whole other story). Before this moment, this husband and wife have been arguing and not getting along at all. Towards the end of the film it looks like she may not survive, and she turns to Pitt and says, "I peed myself". They smile for the first time with each other, and she says that she has to go again. Pitt brings a pan over to her and since she can barely sit up, they embrace and hold each other in this moment of true love. As she pees, she finally looks into his eyes, as if remembering everything that was truly important (as if her peeing was a reminder of the basics in life - bodily functions, her husband, love ...) She cries and tells him she loves him. Really moving.

I was amazed at this scene. You truly have to see it to understand what the director Inarritu was trying to convey, perhaps along the same lines as Eco: shit and piss, memory and love. Does anyone agree with me, who has seen this film?

- Courtney Yip

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  1. I must agree with you Courtney, that scene was definately showing one of the most moving moments of the movie. However, I am hesitant to relate this directly to Eco's glory in taking a shit in the vineyards for a few reasons. I see this scene more as Brad Pitt noticing that all the arguments he had previously with his wife (Cate Blanchett) as being feudal in nature and not worth it. He is noticing, in this scene, that he truely loves her and that he will go that extra step to try and save her despite the fight he has to put up with from both the people on the bus and those from the US embassy. Also, in Eco's novel as you well know, it is Yambo who is taking much joy out of his thought to go relieve himself in the field for no true reason other than thats what felt right, whereas here we see Blanchett peeing herself because she has no ability to even stand. It does boil down to the little joys of life as in Babel, Blanchett and Pitt share a smile and embrace after this moment, but I think it is more that they both realise the big picture of their love as Pitt is not hesitant at all to help her out.

    -Michael Clodfelter