Monday, February 12, 2007

Victoria's Secret Mannequin Fetish

An e725 Graduate correspondent weighs in with a story of no little interest to readers of this blog! That's right! It's mannequin time again!

Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 14:55:30 -0500
From: heather galan


I have a friend who worked at Victoria's Secret when they came out with their new mannequins, who told me that each mannequin cost $8000, which sounded absurd, but they are the most intense retail mannequins I've ever seen. As if the models in the catalogues and runway shows aren't enough these tactile representations of Naomi and Gisele always make me feel like they are encroaching on my personal space. They hover over me as I shop for underwear displayed around their infinite legs. Talk about "sex sells" but also the eerie attention to diverse skin tones but without any regard for variation in the body shapes. I found an article about them that is interesting; Also the website for the company that made the mannequins is disturbingly fun--building a life-size really expensive Barbie, essentially. Thanks and see you next week, Heather Galan

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  1. Anonymous7:24 PM

    There are always plenty of issues regarding store mannequins. It is understandable that Victoria's Secret wishes to display their product on the best looking display, i.e.: their mannequins. However, so many women may feel put off by the size of the mannequins because they are not very representative of the everyday woman. Good for Vicky's to incorporate different skin toned mannequins, but what about size and shape. The $8,000 mannequins make it seem like the store only caters to women size 6 and smaller. "In order to bring the store to life, designers worked with Patina-V [...] to develop realistic mannequins with sexy, provocative poses." There is very little realism when the mannequins do not represent women size 12 and above. Don’t these women have the ability to be sexy and provocative? As a size 12/14 myself, I know I don’t feel sexy and provocative looking at the mannequins wearing a product I want to buy. Victoria’s Secret just adds to the misconceived ideal woman, that she should be tall and very thin. If Victoria’s Secret wants to create “realistic mannequins” that cost $8,000, then make them realistic with different skin tones, faces, and all different sizes-height and girth.
    ~Kelly A Thomas~