Monday, February 12, 2007


One of our colleagues in e725 forwarded this powerpoint meditation on cyborgs, etc--do note that you will probably have to have powerpoint on your system to view the link above. Here's the note that accompanied the attachment:

From: sarah smorol
To: ""
Subject: FW: Meta(l)morphoses.ppt

Hello- classmates- this link is to a powerpoint presentation I did based on gendered technology and cyborgs. The images and order are done by me but the ideas are all based on Rosi Braidotti's book Metamorphoses:Towards a Materialist Theory of Becoming. MA: Polity, 2002. Braidotti argues that we are already cyborgs(plastic hips, pace makers etc) and also points out that those who control tachnology shape our future. From the perspective of gender studies then women must participate in these fields if they are to change the power dynamics of the future- one example- if daryl hannah plays the "basic pleasure model" cyborg in Bladerunner, (they actually call her this) then we might assume that men are designing the cyborgs. The same could be applied to any marginalized, (not marginal), population. The attachment this link goes to explores these issues with many movie images to support the ideas- that is tot try and prove that popular culture, which is dominated by cinema, is used to shape our ideas about what the future will be- by creating new representations women/ chicano/ disabled or otherwise, etc., creators (writers, producers, moviemakers for example)can change that future.

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