Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cindy Sherman is in the House

Courtney-Lee Yip writes in to remind us about the tried and true performance art of Cindy Sherman; as Yip's letter has it:

hey professor,
can't wait to try out the new classroom.

i'm not sure exactly how to use the blog quite yet (i'm not exactly technologically saavy) but i wanted to share some art from one of my favourite photographers, Cindy Sherman. I know she's nothing new (most works were before the 80's) but some of her artwork (mostly self portraits with plastic imagery) is pretty close to what we are looking at in this class. this is a link to her website if you haven't seen her stuff before. it can be quite grotesque, but it raises interesting points about exhausting the voyeuristic gaze upon the female body!

take care,

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  1. Megan Fancy2:52 AM

    "We consume and consume and puke, more than fetishise the objects and information we use", as artist Ryan Trecartin explains, "We don't act inside or outside of consumer culture, entertainment, or art culture, we consume and translate, we're a by-product of it." Each of Ryan Trecartin's figurative sculptures read like TV sitcom characters gone terribly awry, horrible casualties of media overindulgence. Typecast and too familiar, their physical oddities become gleeful jibes at their dumb and predictable expectation, like the result of a satirical writer taking revenge on his popular creations. Despite the initial revulsion, there's the overwhelming urge to cheer as Vicki Veterinarian (made by Brian McKelligott), a Pet Rescue do-gooder, laughs with thin-veiled chagrin as she's penetrated by her own pussy.

    Here is his quite shocking work...